The Security Fence
The patented FU security fencing system is the main reason of high quality perimeter protection around sites. FU security fencing incorporates an electronic monitoring system consisting of a combination of closed circuit monitoring and special weight sensors. This combination guarantees reliable detection of intruders attempting to breach or climb the fence.
The FU security fence is an aesthetically pleasing, flexible perimeter protection system incorporating concealed electronic components which satisfy the highest security requirements.
The centre of the system is the patented FU electronic outrigger. The electronics are integrated into the fencepost to make it vandal resistant, and to be able to monitor a 2.5-m high fence. This means that attempts to climb the fence can be located exactly and the CCTV system activated accordingly.

The sensitivity of the system, i.e. the thresholds at which the electronic outrigger activate the alarm, is set in the central control unit and can be varied for different sections of the project. Therefore, false alarms caused by wind, snow, hail or ground movement can be completely eliminated.